Is Chicago and Its Suburb's Water Safe From Lead Contamination After Flynt?

A lot of people have been asking: what happened with the water in Flynt, Michigan. Many are concerned if their own drinking water is safe. So how safe is Chicago and its suburb’s drinking water from lead contamination. The Flynt Story Flynt, Michigan is located 70 miles north of Detroit and has a population of about 90,000. It at one time held the largest General Motors plant and was a growing community. Its decline started in the 1980’s. By 2011, Flynt’s finances were under the control of the state. A combination events occurred. Its water fund was not solvent and a new water pipe line to Lake Huron needed to be constructed. In an attempt to lower costs, Flynt was connected to the F

Child Safety - Television Anti-Tipping Straps

Flat screen TVs have become very popular. According to the Journal of Pediatrics, in 2011, over 17,000 children were treated by emergency rooms for TV related injuries. The number had increased since 1990 by 125%. 64% of the injuries were children under the age of 5, who are not as fast at moving away from a falling television. There is a very inexpensive fix for this problem, for less than $12. An anti tipping stabilizer strap can easily secured to improve safety. Flat screen TVs should be mounted to the wall. Larger older heavier TVs should be placed on lower, more stable surfaces. Brackets, braces, and wall straps should be used. Finally, do not store toys or candy on dressers or h

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